Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Auto insurance in London

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Pay More to Boost Insurance Rates

I'm a bit miffed about talk of adding a surcharge on our automobile insurance in Oregon to pay for more state troopers.

Are you paying too much for car insurance?

Even if you think that you car insurance is low, it’s always worth re-evaluating your insurance when renewal time comes around in case you can save even more money.

Governor Wants To Require All Californians Have Health Insurance

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has unveiled a sweeping health care reform proposal. Under the plan, all Californians would be required to have health insurance.

Flood Insurance Rates

At over $1000 annually this is a substantial addition to a homeowner’s insurance bill, which they were told they did not need to pay as Natomas was protected from flooding at the level deemed safe.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program

Each of the governments in the metro DC area administers their own version of the SCHIP program through local agencies in Virginia, Maryland, and DC that work to enroll children and provide services to them.

The Evolution Of Insurance Claims – How UHC Changed The Way It Listens

OK, right from the start I admit that this one is going to attract very few people for its excitement value, but it’sa very big deal if you can grasp the significance of these changes.

Insurance Session Shaping Up

Floridians are getting their first formal look at the insurance reforms lawmakers will be debating during the special session at the Capitol next week. The state Senate released its draft bill today.

The Purpose for Private Mortgage Insurance

Most homeowners paying private mortgage insurance believe that it has no purpose other than to annoy them.

Health in the news: Health insurance organizations are not able to ...

Dr. Bagheri Lankarani, the Minister of Health remarked: Health inequality and lack of an comprehensive and uniform health insurance plan is the salient health problem in Iran.